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We provide solutions to the beautiful home and the tasteful office

2001 was the year that for us founders of TiKi brought a turning point. This was the year that started the new development of TiKi Design - the year we began our journey towards creating the finest Innovated Danish Design produce in the highest quality.

First and foremost we think of ourselves as innovative designers. With a proper taste for the future tendencies, we strive to make our customers the first and most unique users of our designs. One of our strengths is that we always know, what is about to arise on the international home and interior scene. As producers we adjust our designs to the colors of today.

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What do we Offer ?

We work within the niche “cow skin” hair on leather. And “Through a direct cooperation between garners and furniture plants in South America; Asia and Europe, we delivers the best quality and a sublime service in all sorts off leather and nature cow skin” leather hair on.


TiKi is To - Innovated - Kreative - Individuals.  Its our brand of a high designed Quality Interiors collection, which we twist and develop in the shapes of classical and modern designs of stylish Carpets, Pillows, Chairs, Accessories, Poufs, Furnitures all is in the latest design colors of todays season, made off the finest hair on leather and special taint leather, silk, wool and cotton.

TiKi brings a little detail with a big impact!

Since the year 2002, TiKi has been present at the Danish exhibition “Formland” almost every year. On the field of export: Interior Design Birmingham UK, Tendence Lifestyle, Ambiente Frankfurt, Imm Cologne GE, and also Stockholm Furniture Fair and IHGF Fair New Delhi. TiKi collection can today be purchased only by few exclusive distributors in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, India, Argentina, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

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